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Multicolored Flower Necklaces - Pick Your Favorite

Multicolored Flower Necklaces - Pick Your Favorite

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The NOBEL Multicolored Flower Necklaces with a grey cord.

All flowers are handmade from glass. These are approximately 4 by 4 cm. Please keep in mind that since they are made by hand, all of our flowers are one of a kind and can differ in design and size. 

The leather cords are 2 mm thick. These supple, round cords are made of 100% real high quality leather. Leather is a natural product, each piece is unique and not always the same. Therefore irregularities and color differences may occur. All cords are 2m long.

Disclaimer: these leather cords are painted. Prolonged exposure to water may cause them to give off color. Therefore we recommend not to swim with these cords or expose them to water in any other way. 
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